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Content/Technical Writing - Syllabus, Fees & Duration

Module 1: Introduction to Content writing

  • What is Content writing?
  • Essential of Content writing
  • Content writing Life cycle
  • Process of information Collection

Module 2: What to know before writing

  • Usage of Business Communication
  • Branding and its impact on writing
  • Portraying Business objective through Content
  • Delivering Content in different formats

Module 3: Blog writing

  • Selecting a topic and Outline
  • Undertaking related search
  • Writing Headlines
  • Writing the Blog Draft
  • Rewriting/Ending the Blog Post
  • Optimizing the Blog Post

Module 4: Website Content Writing

  • Introduction to Website
  • Developing Sitemaps
  • Structuring Wireframes
  • Writing Content For Website
  • Rewriting/Editing Content

Module 5: Proposal Writing

  • Introduction to Business Proposal
  • Stating the problems
  • Proposing the Solutions
  • Including Schedule and Budget
  • Writing Conclusion

Module 6: Writing For Public Relations(PR)

  • Introduction to Public Relations
  • Importance of Writing Public Relations
  • Writing Media Briefs
  • >Writing Press notes & Press Releases
  • Writing Content for Medial/Press Kits

Module 7: Writing For Brochures

  • Introduction to Brochures
  • Developing the Structure and Strategy
  • Writing Content for Pamphlets
  • Writing Content for Marketing Folders
  • Writing Content Brochures/e-BOOKS

Module 8: Writing Social Media Posts

  • Introduction to Social Media posts
  • Writing for Facebook Posts, Pages, Events
  • Writing for Watsapp
  • Writing for Twitter
  • Writing for Linkedin Pages
  • Writing for Instagram

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  • Technical Writer
  • Digital Content Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Content Manager
  • Blog Writer
  • Digital Content Executive
  • Content Strategy Specialist
  • Content Developer
  • Freelance Content Writer

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Content/Technical Writing internship jobs in Los Angeles
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