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IoT (Internet of Things) - Syllabus, Fees & Duration

Module 1 - Introduction

  • Concepts & Definitions 
  • Myth with IoT
  • Business with IoT
  • Carrier in IoT
  • IoT Applications
  • IoT system overview 
  • Node, Gateway, Clouds 
  • Why IoT is essential
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Module 2 - IoT Architecture

  • IoT Network Architecture
  • IoT Device Architecture
  • IoT Device Architecture
  • Publish-Subscribe architecture

Module 3 -  IoT Device Design

  • Sensors – Classification & selection criteria based on the nature, frequency and amplitude of the signal
  • Embedded Development Boards – Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo, ESP8266

Module 4 -  IoT Communication Protocols

  • Wired Communication Protocols
  • Wireless Communication Protocols
  • Application Protocols – MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, AMQP
  • Transport layer protocols – TCP vs UDP
  • IP- IPv4 vs IPv6

Module 5 - Cloud

  • Concept & Architecture of Cloud
  • Public cloud vs Private cloud
  • Different Services in cloud (IAAS / PAAS / SAAS)
  • Importance of Cloud Computing in IOT
  • Leveraging different Cloud platforms.

Module 6 - Designing The IoT Product

  • Interfacing peripherals & Programming GPIOs – Input/output peripherals, Sensor modules
  • Design Considerations – Cost, Performance & Power Consumption tradeoffs

Module 7 - Programming

  • Embedded C
  • Python
  • Arduino

Module 8 -  Hands-On Using Raspberry Pi Board

  • Setting up board
  • Booting up Raspberry Pi
  • Running python on Raspberry Pi, GPIO programming
  • Interfacing sensors and LED (Input and output devices)
  • Making a few projects
  • Sending data to cloud 2 using Raspberry Pi board
  • Sending data to cloud 3 using Raspberry Pi board
  • Making raspberry Pi web server
  • Making raspberry PI TCP client and server
  • Making raspberry Pi UDP client and server

Module 9 -  Use Cases

  • A cloud-based temperature monitoring system using Arduino and Node MCU
  • Esp8266 WIFI controlled Home automation
  • Obstacle detection using IR sensor and Arduino
  • Remote controlling with Node MCU
  • Temperature monitoring using a Raspberry Pi as local server
  • Raspberry Pi controlling Esp8266 using MQTT
  • weather monitoring system using Raspberry Pi and Microsoft Azure cloud

Module 10 - Closer

  • Existing Product in Market
  • Barrier in IoT

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IoT (Internet of Things) Jobs in New York

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Find jobs related to IoT (Internet of Things) in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and recruitment websites (monsterindia, placementindia, naukri,,, etc.) based in New York, chennai and europe countries. You can find many jobs for freshers related to the job positions in New York.

  • IoT Systems Engineer
  • IoT Project Manager
  • IoT tutor
  • IoT Software Developer
  • Industrial IoT Engineer
  • IoT Solution Architect
  • IoT Sales Executive
  • IoT Gateway Developer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Sales Manager IoT
IoT (Internet of Things) internship jobs in New York

IoT (Internet of Things) Internship/Course Details

IoT (Internet of Things) Let's start with how devices connect to the internet and then move on to applications. The Internet of Things (IoT) introduced a networked system of interconnected devices capable of exchanging data and mutually improving each other's capabilities. They will also examine the costs, efficiencies, and, consequently, the carbon footprint of various resources to make better decisions in their manufacturing operations. The most appealing aspect of IoT is that it has good sensors that will constantly monitor changing environmental conditions and alert us to impending disasters. The advantages of IoT for business depend on how it is implemented; agility and efficiency are frequently top priorities. Exploring IoT data in the field can provide you with a much better understanding of how a product works in a user's everyday life. The expansion of the Internet of Things has aided an increase in the number of deployments in buildings centered on remote monitoring. The term "Internet of Things" refers to devices that aren't typically expected to have an internet connection but will communicate with the network without the need for human intervention. In a variety of ways, IoT and packaging, as well as sensors, QR codes, and augmented reality/virtual reality/mixed reality possibilities, work together. It is a network that connects machines all over the world to OTR equipment to improve data collection, analysis, and communication.

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