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Microsoft Power BI

Power BI Course Introduction

  • Welcome to Power BI
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Overview
  • Introduction to Power BI

Installing Power BI

  • Access Data From Different Data Sources
  • Connect to Data Source
  • Data Source Settings
  • Select Storage Mode
  • Select Query Type
  • Profile The Data
  • Identify Data Anomalies
  • Examine Data Structure
  • Analyse Column Properties
  • Load and Transform the Data
  • Identify Inconsistencies and Data Quality Issue
  • Apply Value Replacements
  • Evaluate and Transform Column Data Types
  • Apply Data Shape Transformations to Table Structures
  • Combine Queries
  • Apply Naming Conventions to Columns and Queries
  • Edit Power Query Code

  • Design a Data Model

    • Define the Tables
    • Configure Table and Column Properties
    • Define Date Table
    • Develop a Data Model
    • Apply Filtering
    • Create Calculated Tables
    • Create Calculated Columns
    • Implement Row Level Security Roles
    • Set up the Q and A Feature
    • Optimize Model Performance
    • Remove Unnecessary Rows and Columns
    • Identify Poorly Performing Measures Relationships and Visuals
    • Optimize Query Models
    • Create and Manage Aggregations
    • Report Generation
    • Add Visualization Items to Report
    • Choose an Appropriate Visualization Type
    • Format and Configure Visualizations
    • Apply Slicing and Filtering
    • Create Dashboards
    • Manage Tiles on a Dashboard
    • Add a Dashboard Theme
    • Use the Q and A Feature

    Enhance Reports to Expose Insights

    • Perform Top N Analysis
    • Explore Statistical Summary
    • Add a Quick Insight Result to a Report
    • Use the Play Axis Feature of a Visualization
    • Personalize Visuals
    • Perform Advanced Analysis
    • Identify Outliers
    • Conduct Time Series Analysis
    • Use Groupings
    • Use the Key Influencers to Explore Dimensional Variances
    • Manage Datasets
    • Configure a Dataset Scheduled Refresh
    • Configure Row level Security Group Membership
    • Configure Incremental Refresh Settings

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    • Power BI Data Analytics & Data Scientist
    • Data Engineer - SQL & Power BI
    • Power BI Developer
    • Jr Power BI Developer
    • Senior Business Analyst- Power BI
    • BI engineer (Power BI)
    • Power BI - Architect
    • Associate Power BI Analyst
    • Assistant Manager - Power BI
    • Business Analyst
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    Power BI Internship/Course Details

    Power BI Parts of Power BI There are 3 Parts of Power BI 1. Power BI Desktop 2. You can join Power BI Training in Los Angeles after attending our trail class by experts. Power BI Mobile: It is an application (App) on mobile devices which allows you to interact with the reports and dashboard from Power BI Service in Los Angeles. Power BI is the use of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) programming language for enterprise analytics gear which connects to distinctive statistics reassets to research statistics and proportion insights for the duration of your organization. Power BI Desktop: It is a Windows desktop application (Report Authoring Tool) which Lets you build queries, models and reports that visualize data. The Power BI Course Curriculum is designed via way of means of Microsoft Power BI Certified Experts. We provide Power BI internship in Los Angeles with live classes and courses. Power BI Mobile Power BI Service: Power BI Service is cloud based Software as Service Application which allows us to create dashboards, Setup schedule data refreshes, Share the reports securely in the organization. Power BI Service 3.

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